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Bryce Boepple Journal - 4/18/18


Short entry for tonight. Had lunch with some career professionals today at the Old Broadway which was excellent. Came home and cleaned and did homework.

Went to the gym for a quick leg workout with some cardio at the end. Didn’t go too heavy since my diet has been lacking lately. I am up to 335 for my squats and I’ll probably resume the heavier weights again next week. The workout this evening was as follows: #fitness

· 3x5 squat 225 lbs

· 3x12 Leg Press 225 lbs

· 3x12 Hamstring curls 50 lbs

· Cardio – 30 Burpees

Still needing to incorporate some distance/endurance style running into my regimen here before it’s too late. The upcoming Spartan Race is going to be a tough event if I find myself unprepared for all the running. I’m not too worried about any of the obstacles, except for the spear throw of course.

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