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Hiking adventures, Studying, and more training for #spartanrace

Bryce Boepple Journal – 5/1/2018

I had a great weekend going back home to Killdeer, North Dakota from Fargo this weekend. I saw my family and my dog, as well as many people from town. I went hiking, and in total I probably covered over 7 miles. Hopefully the hiking will prepare my joints and muscles for my upcoming Spartan race that is only 5 days away. While hiking, a massive thunderstorm ended up rolling through and I had to book it out of the badlands quickly before being overtaken by the storm. I took shelter under a rock that jutted out of a butte until the rain calmed down and the intense lightning passed. The hiking trip was a crazy, survivor-esque experience that time around.

Bryce Boepple hiking in Badlands in April by Medora North Dakota
I took this picture while out hiking with my girlfriend in the Badlands

The Spartan Race will take place in Glacier Park, Montana, around the Whitefish/Kalispell area. I am still super excited, albeit a bit anxious. I do not think I am as prepared for the race as I was last year. Despite not being as prepared physically, I am running it with my cousin so that should act as a mental toughness boost. Speaking of mental toughness boost, I took a second to admire the Rollo statue today while leaving class for some inspiration. 

Bryce Boepple picture of Rollo Statue by NDSU in Fargo North Dakota
Meditating on the Rollo statue, his life and accomplishments for inspiration.

My gym session today was not nearly as strenuous as normal, due to having hiked quite a bit over the weekend, and because it’s dead/finals week so my attention is elsewhere.

· 3x5 OHP – 135 lbs

· 3x12 Bench Press – 135 lbs

· 15 Burpees

· 5 minutes treadmill

I have sold quite a bit of the items I listed earlier in April so I am thankful for that.

My task list for this week is as follows:

1. Work on and finish MIS group project

2. Finish Finance 470 Individual excel project

3. Make and corrections to Finance 430 paper

4. Study for exams

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