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Bryce Boepple journal - 4/26/2018


Writing retroactively for the 24th and 25th in my entry today. I didn’t need to focus so much on my homework the past 2 days due to having gotten so much done over the weekend. I did however begin running over those two days. On the 24th I ran about 5 miles in total between two different sessions. My runs were a bit slow but I have no doubt that I’ll fix that in time for the race. 8 days until the Montana Spartan Race. I’m going to start PSMF (Protein sparing modified fast) for these two weeks prior to the race to cut down in weight a bit.

Today my gym session was as follows:

· Bench Press 5x5 @ 225

· OHP 3x8 @ 135

· Incline dumb bell press 3x12 @ 65

· Dips 3x12

· Chest flyes 3x12

· Cardio – 2 rounds on the heavy bag and 30 burpees, 5-minute cooldown on bike

Excited to travel back home to Killdeer, North Dakota for a while this weekend. I am planning on going hiking and if I find time I may go to the lake for a while.

About wrapped up my bitcoin research paper. All that I have left for this semester seems to be my finance 470 individual project and studying for finals.

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