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Homework, sales, and nice weather! 4/22/2018

Updated: May 2, 2018


I managed to get a lot done today. I went to the library around 1:30 and started my marathon of homework. I ended up coming home at one point to meet with someone concerning the sale of my sofa. It’s not sold yet, but the potential buyer says he should be able to swing by and pick it up by Wednesday. On that note, someone committed to purchasing my guitar as well. After I met with the individual concerning my couch, I headed back to the library. I managed to write up to 10 pages on my Bitcoin Research paper, and I completed three MIS assignments. I always kick myself come finals time for not having this level of productivity year-round. Someday I’ll find my method of coping with the wintertime slump. In any case, if I keep this productivity up, I’ll be set for finals, and be ready for summer without too much stress.

Today was a rest day in my gym routine but I left the library early because of getting so much done that I had time to sneak a quick cardio workout in before the Wellness Center at NDSU closed. My gym session for tonight was as follows:

· 15 minutes moderate speed on the stairclimber

· 15 minutes on the bike doing moderate intervals

· 30 burpees

13 days until the Montana Spartan Race.

I’m planning on being at the library again tomorrow. I may start studying for exams already if I finish the final touches on my research paper. I also have a quiz due the 26th I could do.

Weather was great again today, low to mid 60’s. NDSU was full of people hammocking which was nice to see.

Overall, I’m very much ready for Summer to start, and to wrap up with this semester.

Bryce boepple walking down the sidewalk during nice weather at NDSU in Fargo, North Dakota
Walking down the sidewalk during nice weather at NDSU

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