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Bryce Boepple Journal - 4/19/18

Updated: May 2, 2018


Had a nice day today. Weather is finally resembling spring. According to my car it was about 60 degrees out today. There’s a certain energy that comes back in a person when the sun comes back out, it’s warm and the days are longer. I like winter but am thankful for it to be over (Knock on wood).

Spoke about self-driving cars and various AI topics today in my MIS class which was very interesting. Everyone else in the class must have thought so as well as the class was the most engaged with the material today than I have seen all semester. Watched a TED talk on the subject during class as well, may have to track it down and link it here for reference as it was worth the watch.

Finished up bank analysis presentations in my Fin. 430 class. Most groups did very well and had interesting presentations.

Haven’t had much luck with the items I’ve listed on various listings websites. Hopefully that luck will change so I can unload some of this furniture and other items for some spare cash. I have had many contact trying to pay with western union or checks, which is frustrating as they are all obvious/most likely scams.

Hoping to wrap up homework this weekend and begin studying for final exams that are coming up.

Things I currently need to do include:

1. Research paper on bitcoin for Fin. 430

2. Individual project for fin. 470

3. Homework assignment 9 for fin. 470

4. Access Assignments 1 & 2 for MIS class

My gym session today was as follows: #fitness

· Deadlift – Heavy singles up to 405, 1x5 @ 315 lbs

· Machine Pull downs – 3x8 @ 180 lbs

· Seated Cable Rows – 3x8 @ 180 lbs

· Mountain climber rows @ 70 lbs

· Cardio – 30 Burpees (Took me 1 minute 15 seconds tonight, improvement from 1 minute 30 seconds two days ago) and 11 minutes on the bike.

Went heavier on the deadlifts today since I went lighter on the squats yesterday. Have been eliminating a lot of my accessory work in favor of shorter workouts simply because it’s exam time and I can’t be spending more time than is necessary at the gym. Studies must come first.

Bryce Boepple deadlifting 315 pounds
Deadlifting 315 pounds at the Wellness Center, NDSU

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