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Bryce Boepple Journal - 4/20/2018


Short entry for tonight. I am going to begin working on my bitcoin research project for class tonight and pick up again tomorrow. The stress of final exams being around the corner is ramping up. I will have to commit to going to the library and working for a few hours to ensure that I am being productive with me time. Enjoyed a more relaxed Friday today, although I refrained from the popular custom that typically accompanies this day. I am more than okay to stick with my coffee only.

Gym routine today was as follows:

1. Overhead (Military) press heavy singles up to 205 lbs, and then 5x5 at 135 lbs.

2. Bench Press 3x8 175 lbs

3. Incline dumb bell press 3x12 55 lbs

4. Tricep pulldowns 2x8 57.5 lbs

5. Cardio – 30 Burpees/tire flips and then 5 minutes max incline treadmill cool down

Took a video of the OHP as it is a personal best for me. Put it on Instagram here ( and tagged #legiogloria, glad to be a part of that community.

I had many people contact me concerning the items I am selling but no commitments yet. Hopefully that will change here soon.

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