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Short entry | Studying and writing - 4/21/2018

Updated: May 2, 2018


Only writing a short entry for tonight. The weather was great today. Hovered around mid 60’s all day it seems. I worked on my paper at the library for a while and then later walked to the science building due to it being open 24/7.

Many people had small yard parties all over town which was nice to see. Lots of people were out enjoying the nice weather.

Did not go to the gym today to save time for homework. Made fairly good progress on my bitcoin research paper. I wrote about 2 and a half pages today within a few hours. I should have 5 or so by tomorrow, hopefully finishing by Monday or Tuesday. After that I’ll wrap up any assignments that are left, and then it’s the home stretch toward finals week.

Bryce boepple walking down the sidewalk during nice weather at NDSU in Fargo, North Dakota
Walking down the sidewalk during nice weather at NDSU

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